CBC Television Network

High Arctic Haulers


Broadcast Run: 2020

This documentary series debuted on CBC on Sunday January 5th at 8pm.  The one-hour programs offered a look at Canada’s resilient, vibrant northern communities and the determined men and women who helped provide their lifeline to the outside world. These groups were linked together by the summer sealift, when ships loaded with critical cargo traveled each year to the farthest reaches of the north to deliver food, clothing, supplies and vital pieces of infrastructure. 

With no dock for the ships to tie up to, the precious cargo was pushed ashore by tug and barge.    For generations, supplies had been delivered this way – skillfully guided by crew members aboard the ships of Groupe Desgagnés Incorporated, who battled elements, unpredictable ice and winds at the top of the world. 

A CBC original series, High Arctic Haulers was produced by Great Pacific Media, a Thunderbird Company. The series was filmed across Nunavut.