News Broadcasting

News Broadcasting

The Growth of news broadcasting in Canada

The Early Years – (1900-1936)

Learn about the dawn of news broadcasting in Canada, from Reginald Fessenden‘s first radio broadcast in 1900 to Frank Willis‘ 5-minute broadcasts in 1936 from the scene of a Nova Scotia mine disaster. Includes audio from Andy McDermott, interviewed by Ken Bambrick.

The Early Years II – (1937-1952)

From the Moose River mine story of 1936 to the first CBC television programs, news broadcasting in Canada continued to evolve. 

The Growth Years – (1952 Onward)

Sidney Margles explores the exponential growth of news broadcasting from 1952 to the late 20th century. This section also gets in to changing technology for radio and television

News Broadcasting in depth

Unique Stories of the 20th Century

There have been a number of unique news stories in Canada’s history. We’ve collected a few of them below: