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The Canadian Communications Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization – Registration # 10684 4517 RR001.  It was established by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters in 1967 as a Centennial project, with an initial grant of $25,000,but it was not until many years later that the advent of the Internet offered the Foundation an ideal opportunity to “commemorate throughout Canada the development of electronic communications”, and the website was born, with a new mandate “….to chronicle and document, in sight and sound, the History of Canadian Broadcasting…” 

The original grant from the CAB was to be followed by the raising of some $50,000 in donations from broadcast industry organizations and individuals, and a substantial donation from the Canadian Association of Broadcast Representatives. Then in the year 2000, the Foundation was fortunate to be included in the Tangible Benefits package of grants which was required as a commitment from BCE when they purchased CTV that year.  This was later followed by grants from CTV, Astral and Corus, as well as further corporate and private donations from broadcasters.

The Foundation has received no funding from the public purse, has a volunteer Board and no fulltime staff or offices.  Its sole current (December 2017) source of income is the annual sum received from Corus as part of the Tangible Benefits Package that attended the company’s acquisition of  several broadcast properties in December 2013.

Below are listed all those corporations and individuals whose generosity has enable the Canadian Communications Foundation to provide this History of Canadian Broadcasting, a unique collection of information on the evolution of the broadcasting system that serves Canadians from coast to coast, and from the US border to the Arctic. As we thank all those present and past for their valued help, we would ask today’s broadcasters to show their support for our work by considering our Foundation as worthy of inclusion in their Tangible Benefits Packages when contemplating new acquisitions.  Individual donations will also be very much appreciated, and will of course be tax receiptable. Donors may remain anonymous should they so wish. 

This website has been made possible by the generosity of these corporations and individuals, and from donors who wished to remain anonymous. 

  • CTV Inc. (Benefits package)
  • Astral Media Inc, (Benefits package)
  • CHUM Limited (Benefits package)
  • Corus Entertainment (Benefits Package)


  • Canadian Association of Broadcasters
  • Canadian Association of Broadcast Representatives
  • CanWest Global Communications Corp.
  • Cogeco Inc.
  • Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.
  • Rogers Media Inc.
  • Standard Broadcasting Corporation Ltd.
  • CFRN Television
  • Corus Entertainment Inc.
  • Craig Broadcasting Systems
  • Télémédia Communications Inc
  • Radio Marketing Bureau


  • In memory of Ernie Swan – Dorothy Swan
  • In memory of Fred Arenburg – Orville Pulsifer, Hal Blackadar
  • In Memory of Ross McCreath – Joel Potts



  • Robert C. Lamb – Calgary AB
  • Richard Carson – Toronto ON


  • Michel Arpin – Ottawa ON
  • Dennis Reid – Salmon Arm BC
  • Ernest G. Rose – North Vancouver BC
  • Kenneth Baker – Victoria BC
  • Patricia M. Mackay
  • H.T. McCurdy – Toronto ON
  • Orville Kope – Medicine Hat AB
  • Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien
  • Hal Blackadar – Toronto ON
  • Dick Drew – Duncan BC
  • Ron East – Prince George BC
  • Gary Miles – Toronto ON


  • George A. Brown – Lethbridge AB
  • Peggy Day – Edmonton AB
  • Charles W. Fenton – Toronto ON
  • John F. Gorman – Toronto ON
  • James Grisenthwaite – Toronto ON
  • Paul Hanover – Hamilton ON
  • Robert Hesketh – Toronto ON
  • Robert Johnston – Calgary
  • J. Conrad Lavigne – Timmins ON
  • Donald Lawrie – Brechin ON
  • Robert McKeown – Waterloo ON
  • J. Marven Nathanson – Halifax NS
  • Orville Pulsifer – Truro NS
  • Russell Ramsay – Sault Ste. Marie ON
  • Paul Schurman – Summerside PEI
  • Donald M. Smith – West Vancouver BC
  • W. Douglas Kirby – Halifax NS
  • Richard Sienko – Toronto ON
  • Gary Belgrave – Toronto ON
  • Byron Garby – Toronto ON
  • Wesley Cox – Toronto ON
  • Garth Olmstead – West Vancouver BC
  • Jim Patterson – Lakefield ON
  • Candice Molnar – Regina SK
  • Robert Mackey – Edmonton AB
  • Joel Potts – Hamilton ON
  • Jeff Steeves – Moncton NB
  • Lloyd Bulmar – Toronto ON
  • Don Brinton – West Vancouver BC
  • Kealy Wilkinson – Toronto ON
  • Ron McFarlan – Toronto ON
  • George Gallagher – Regina SK