Radio Networks


Canada’s First Network: CNR Radio

In a decade when radio stations were mushrooming all over Canada, a new sense of order was brought to those random and pioneering days of early Canadian broadcasting thanks to the intervention of an unexpected player; The Canadian National Railways.

CBC English Radio Networks

The first CBC Radio Network came into being on November 2, when the Canadian Broadcasting Act (assented to by Parliament on June 2nd) was put into force – thus creating The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

CBC Radio-Canada French Radio Network

The Canadian Broadcasting Act, which took effect on November 2, paved the way for the creation of the Radio-Canada French language radio network.

The Birth and Death of The Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (1932-1936)

Only a few dozen Canadian radio stations existed during the 1920’s. Three were operated by the CNR, some by newspapers, a handful were run by universities, a number by churches, two by the Manitoba government and the rest by private entrepreneurs. They were only on the air a few hours a day with some sharing frequencies. Many Canadians close to the border, could and did tune-in to American radio stations, both day and night, but most at night.