CBC Television Network


Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2011 to 2012

Broadcast Medium: Television

On February 13th 2011, the CBC announced that it had made a commitment to a new one hour series titled  Camelot, a modern re-telling of the stories of King Arthur and members of his court at the castle in Camelot.

The series would star Joseph Fiennes, Eva Green, Jamie Campbell Bower and  Peter Mooney, and be written by Michael Hirst and Chris Chibnall. Camelot would be an Ireland/Canada Co-Production produced by Take 5 Productions and Octagon Films.

 On June 8th the CBC announced that Camelot would be launched on Tuesday September 13th at 9 pm.

 Early in 2012 the CBC announced that Camelot had been cancelled, and would not be part of the network’s Fall 2012 schedule.

Written by Pip Wedge – April, 2012