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Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1993

Broadcast Medium: Television

Blanche [Also known as The Story of Blanche]

Aired Wednesday evenings from October 6, 1993 to December 15, 1993.

Produced in French and dubbed into English, this 11-part series of one-hour programs told the story of a Quebec woman, Blanche Pronovost, in the 1930s, who left her large family to study medicine in Montreal. But in those days,women were not allowed to study medicine or become Doctors, let alone attend university, so Blanche had to take up nursing instead. She took a job in Abitibi, a northern Quebec logging town, to help take care of the local community. The story of Blanche, particularly before the Quiet Revolution, was significant for challenging the chauvinism of the day, and inspiring women of all ages who had similar goals.

Principal Cast:

Pascale Bussières as Blanche Pronovost
Raymond Bouchard as Duhaime
Genevieve Brouillette as Marie-Ange
Robert Brouillette as Paul Pronovost
Jacques Lussier as Henri Douville
Pascale Montpetit as Marie-Louise

Director: Charles Binamé
From the Novel: Le Cri de l’oie blanche by Arlette Cousture
Writer: Andrée Pelletier
Producer: Michel Gauthier

Written by John Corcelli – March, 2006