CBC Television Network


Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1993 to 1997

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired weekly, at various times, from September 28, 1993 to June 16, 1999

This half-hour comedy series featured some of Canada’s newest and finest stand-up comedians. The comics were recorded in front of a studio audience, which created a staged, club-like atmosphere for each comedian, giving them an environment to which most of them were accustomed. A partial list of the comedians who appeared include Adam Growe, Harland Williams, Wendy Hopkins, Mike Bullard, Glen Foster, Russell Peters, Nancy White, Sylvain Larocque, Simon Cotter, Simon Rakoff, Bruce Hunter, John Wing, Ron James, Bowser & Blue and Shaun Majumber. Over 100 episodes were produced and syndicated to the Comedy Network and Comedy Central.

Written by John Corcelli – March, 2006