CBC Television Network

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Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1979 to 1980

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired weekdays from April to June, 1979; aired from September 1979 to May 1980.
This hour-long current affairs program originated from a different region each day, hence the incomplete title.
The Monday segment came from Halifax and was produced by John McKay. Tuesday’s broadcast came from Quebec and was produced in Montreal by Ray Chaisson [1979] and Malcolm Charlton [1980]. The Wednesday edition came from Ontario and was produced in Ottawa by Brian Frappier with contributions from  Gordon Clarke [Toronto] and Marshall Gray [Windsor].
Thursdays, the show originated from the Prairie Provinces with contributions by Winnipeg’s Judy McGuire, Edmonton’s Brian O’Leary [1979] and Bob Neblock [1980], and Calgary’s Ron Smith. Lastly, Peter McNeilly and Peter Ailles produced the Pacific regional show, from Vancouver on Fridays. Paul Gaffney coordinated the entire operation.

Written by John Corcelli – September, 2005