CBC Television Network

Test The Nation

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2007 to 2010

Broadcast Medium: Television

Debut: March 18, 2007

Using the latest interactive technology, this series of special programs tested the I.Q. of Canadians by asking multiple-choice questions about Canada’s history. Brent Bambury and Wendy Mesley hosted the first three editions; Ron McLean co-hosted the sports edition. One and half million Canadians participated in the first test that spawned another three challenges focusing on sports, language and trivia. The two-hour show, usually broadcast on Sunday nights, often put various groups of Canadians against each other, such as journalists vs actors, fitness instructors vs surgeons, English teachers vs comedians, to round out the broadcast.

As a survey of Canadian knowledge, the program offered some interesting results.

Hosts: Brent Bambury and Wendy Mesley; Ron McLean

Executive Producers: Tracie Tighe, Jim Williamson

Writers: Harry Doupe, Kristeen Von Hagen, and George Westerholm

Director: Shelagh O’Brien


 1.Test the Nation: IQ (18 March 2007)
2.Test the Nation: Watch Your Language (9 September 2007)
3.Test the Nation: Trivia (20 January 2008)
4.Test the Nation: Sports (25 May 2008)
5.Test the Nation: Canada Eh? (7 September 2008)
6.Test the Nation: IQ (24 January 2010)

Written by John Corcelli – June, 2008