CBC Television Network

Sixties, The

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1960 to 1964

Broadcast Medium: Television

Having won a Canadian Film Award in 1960 in syndication, this series later moved to the CBC, where it aired Saturdays at noon from October 5, 1963 to March 28, 1964.

Hammy Hamster was one of the country’s most beloved rodents on national television. He made his debut on Tales of the Riverbank, the local adventures of Hammy and his friends, Roderick Rat, Guinea Pig, Sir Reginald Raccoon, Mr. Squirrel and Mrs. Duck, to name a few.

Produced by Paul Sutherland and Dave Ellison, this show for children won acclaim from around the world for its simplicity of story-telling and unique effects. Animals were carted around in balloons, motor boats and sports cars, on location and in studio. Sutherland provided most of the voices, but his voice was replaced in syndicated versions of the show to the UK and European markets.

Later there were two syndicated sequels, Hammy Hamster and Once Upon a Hamster.

Written by John Corcelli – May, 2005