CBC Television Network

October 1970

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2006

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired weekly from October 12, 2006 to November 30, 2006

This eight-part mini series dramatized one of the most important events in Canada’s history. It was the story of what was popularly known as the October Crisis. In 1970, a French Canadian group known as the Front de la Liberation du Quebec [FLQ] kidnapped the British diplomat James Cross and Quebec Minister Pierre Laporte in Montreal. The event took place during the early days of October and the outcome was in doubt until December. The story captured the attention of the world. For a time, civil rights were suspended, when the Federal Government led by Pierre Trudeau elected to invoke the War Measures Act as requested by the Quebec government. Few Canadians forget those days when they were glued to their television sets for regular updates.  In 2000, Terence McKenna’s documentary called Black October was broadcast to mark the 30th anniversary.

Thirty-six years later came this series for television, dramatizing the story. Big Motion Pictures and Barna-Alper Productions produced the series in association with the CBC.


R.H Thomson as James Cross
Denis Bernard as Pierre Laporte
Patrick Labbé as Lt. Julien Giguère
Hugo St-Cyr as Paul Rose
Olivier Morin as Jacques Rose
Mathieu Grondin as Jacques Lanctôt
Fanny La Croix as Louise Lanctôt
Karine Vanasse as Christine

Writers: Peter Mitchell and Wayne Grigsby
Director: Don McBrearty
Executive Producers: Laszlo Barna, Wayne Grigsby and David MacLeod

Written by John Corcelli – November, 2006