CBC Television Network

Northern Town

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2006

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Monday nights from July 24 to August 28, 2006.

This half-hour comedy/drama took place in Canada’s North, specifically in the town of Henderson, Yukon.  One night, a meteorite fell across the sky and lands in a frozen lake just outside town.  Brian, a local resident, aw it land and decided that this cosmic event was meant for him. He decided to look for the meteorite and claim ownership. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one to see it land and he had to compete with his boss, ex-girlfriend, Japanese tourists and a couple of small-town thieves to find it.

Daniel Janke, who wrote the series, lived in the Yukon.


Luke Kirby as Brian
Tom McCamus as Heinz
Nathaniel Arcand as Georgee
Brian Fidler as Stevie
Dave Lawrence as Bernie
Chief Leonard George as Grampa Isaac
Jessica Greco as Mona
Tracy Wright as Fran
David Fox as Ivison
Sergio Di Zio as Hendy
John Cassini as Meadows
Jennifer Spence as Suko
Taku Kawai as Hatse

Producer: Daniel Iron
Producer/Writer: Daniel Janke
Director: Gary Burns
Writers: Kate Miles Melville, Bob Martin
Story Editor: Don McKellar

Written by John Corcelli – August, 2006