CBC Television Network

News From Zoos

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1980 to 1983

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Monday afternoons, after school, from October 20, 1980 to June 30, 1983.

This children’s program was hosted by Charlie Chimp,  the chimpanzee, who spoke with the voice of Carl Banas. The program featured news stories about
animals, narrated by Sandy Hoyt.

The first program included stories about aid given to a newborn Sable
antelope at Jackson Zoological Park and the hunt for a Wolf Fish, a
creature resembling a large eel, and its transportation to an aquarium
in Victoria, B.C. Subsequent programs included features on specific zoo
projects, such as the San Francisco Zoo’s Adopt-an-Animal scheme, the
Giant Pandas of China and the Komodo Dragon, the world’s largest
living lizard. The series, which was written by Jill MacFarlane, was
created and produced by Michael Spivak for Jaylar Productions.

Written by John Corcelli – November, 2005