TVA Television Network

La Promesse

Network: TVA Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2005 to 2012

Broadcast Medium: Television

La Promesse was a TV drama series written by Danielle Trottier and directed by Claude C. Blanchard, Martin Thibault, Stéphane Beaudoin and Lyne Charlebois, which was broadcast beginning in 2005 and ended in spring 2012.

This TV drama series told the story of Isabelle Chamberland, a prominent young author, 34 years old, who promised her dying mother to never abandon the family company – a fine chocolate boutique – even though she had never personally been involved in running it. But out of the blue, to take advantage of the prosperous times, her father, Yves, wanted to sell it all to Luc who was Isabelle’s ex-lover and who had been taking care of the company for several years. Isabelle and Luc would thus engage in a struggle over ownership of the chocolate boutique… a premise that would give rise to lots of adventures! Amongst the featured actors: Michèle-Barbara Pelletier, Germain Houde and Sébastien Delorme.

Written by Yvon Chouinard – January, 2012