TVA Television Network

Taxi 0-22

Network: TVA Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2007

Broadcast Medium: Television

Taxi 0-22 was a comedy series that TVA began airing during the 2007 season.

This weekly 30-minute comedy featured the humorist and actor Patrick Huard in the role of Rogatien Dubois Jr., a very colourful taxi driver. He flippantly criticized what was going on in the world and said out loud what people normally keep to themselves to his various clients, who were generally very well known showbiz personalities.

Patrick Huard was supported by actors Sylvie Boucher (Nancy), Jean Turcotte (Johnny Bilodeau), Yvon Deschamps (Rogatien’s father) and Clauter Alexandre (Robert).

This comedy was also sold internationally, including a Brazilian version called Faça sua Historia.

Written by Yvon Chouinard – January, 2012