CBC Radio

Woodhouse and Hawkins

Network: CBC Radio

Broadcast Run: 1935 to 1947

Broadcast Medium: Radio

A comedy program with a cast of two, but with six or more characters who were residents of apartments in “Nitwit Court”. Launched in 1935 as a 15-minute program on the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission western network Friday nights. Originated at CFAC Calgary. When the CBC succeeded the CRBC, Nitwit Court was moved to Winnipeg, the time increased to 30 minutes and an orchestra was added for production purposes. Nitwit Court’s last move was to Toronto where it was produced in the CBC’s own studios. It was shuttered in 1947.

Performers and writers: Art McGregor (principally as Woodhouse, a tenant) and Frank Deaville (principally as Hawkins, the building’s superintendent)

Written by J. Lyman Potts – January, 2002