CBC Television Network

Wind At My Back

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1996 to 2000

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired weekly over five seasons,  from December 1, 1996 to December 3, 2000

Sullivan Entertainment produced this hour-long drama in association with the CBC, with the participation of Telefilm Canada and the assistance of the Ontario Film Investment Program and the Cable Production Fund.

Set in Ontario in the 1930s, “Wind at My Back” followed Honey, her children and the Bailey family through the Great Depression. Strong acting, award-winning cinematography and great scripts made for a popular series in Canada and in syndication around the world.

Principal Cast:

Shirley Douglas as May Bailey
Dan Lett as Bob
Kathryn Greenwod as Grace
Dylan Provencher as Hub [Hubert]
Tyrone Savage as Fat [Henry]
Cynthia Beliveau as Honey [seasons 1 – 3]
Laura Bruneau as Honey [seasons 4 – 5]
Neil Crone as Ollie Jefferson

Written by John Corcelli – April, 2006