CBC Television Network

Vacation Time

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1962 to 1968

Broadcast Medium: Television

A program for children featuring films, cartoons, and live broadcasts with special guests. For the first summer season, produced in Toronto by Denny Spence, the hosts were Toby Tarnow, Tom Kneebone, Lloyd Robertson, with comic sketches by Max Ferguson and swimming lessons by Jim Mitchell. The next year, the hosts, in various locations, were Chris Wiggins, Don Francks, Alex Trebek, Jack Pearse, Bill Guest, Gerri Styne, Jeff Manshin, Don Pimm, Doug Campbell, and Ross Mortimer. The l965 roster included Bruno Cimolai and Ross Mortimer in Vancouver, Don Tremaine in Ottawa, Ernie Coombs and Al Hamel in Toronto, Gerry Wilson in Winnipeg, and Kerry Wood in Edmonton. The final summer, the show concentrated on productions from outside Toronto, and included St. John’s among the contributing centres.

Aired daily, at various times, from July 1962 to September 1968 during the summer.

Written by John Corcelli – April, 2002