CBC Television Network

This Land

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1970 to 1982

Broadcast Medium: Television

A program about nature, agriculture and the environment.

Hosts:  John Hopkins (l970-72) and Phyllis Gorman (l970-7l), Laurie Jennings (l973-78), Mary Chapman (l976- 78), John Foster (l977), Mike Halleran (l977), and Don Francks (l978-82).

Contributors: naturalist Tommy Tompkins, reporter Stanley Burke, Arctic authority Doug Wilkinson, Bruno Engler, and Dr. Donald Chant.

Executive producers: Murray Creed (l970-7l) and John Lackie (l97l-86), and the contributing producers included Lackie and Foster, Neil Andrews, Terry Richardson, Jack Kellum, Bob Hutt, David Fulton, Eric McLeery, Robert Fripp, Ray Burley, Garnett Anthony, Dick Donovan, John LaPointe, Ed Sanders, and Dave Quinton.

Aired weekly in prime time, at various times, from September 1970 to August 1982.

                                                           John Corcelli – April 2002