CBC Television Network

These Arms of Mine

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2000 to 2001

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired weekly from November 3, 2000 to December 8, 2000. Repeated in 2001.

This hour-long drama was perhaps ahead of its time. It was a program that focused on relationships and individual identity. Because of its size and diversity, Canada offered the perfect backdrop to the stories it told. For example, one story was about the long distance relationship between a Toronto Radio host and a photographer in Vancouver. Another featured the tale of an American draft dodger looking to go into Canadian politics. Each of the characters was basically in search of a purpose and direction in their lives. The title of the series was from a song by R&B singer, Otis Redding.

Principal Cast:

Shauna MacDonald as Clarie Monroe
Alex Carter as David Bishop
Stuart Margolin as Miles Rankin
Babs Chula as Esmé Price
Conrad Coates as Steven Armstrong
Byron Lawson as Amos Lee
Colleen Rennison as Sophie Bishop
Ryan Hirakida as Henry Lee
Ben Derrick as Danny Finn

Directed by Anthony Atkins or Scott Smith

Executive Producer: Phil Savath

Written by John Corcelli – April, 2006