CBC Television Network

Theatre Canada

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1970

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Thursday nights from September 17, to December 10, 1970.

This series of half-hour adaptations was produced by David Peddie and Ronald Weyman. It was subtitled,Canadian Short Stories, and featured some of the best Canadian fiction available, old and new.


Barbara Hamilton and Jodi Farber in Morley Callaghan’s story, Very Special Shoes, adapted by Gloria Lyndon and directed by Rene Bonniere. Peter Carter adapted and directed In Exile, which starred Chris Wiggins, from the story by David Helwig. Postcard, from Alice Munro’s story, was adapted by David Peddie and Rene Bonniere and directed by Bonniere, with Linda Goranson in the lead role. Bryan Barney adapted Callaghan’s story, Rigmarole, which Peter Carter directed and in which Donnelly Rhodes and Margot Kidder starred, and James W. Nichol adapted and Al Waxman directed another Callaghan story, Father And Son, with Len Birman and Patricia Collins.

Rene Bonniere directed Something For Olivia’s Scrapbook, which playwright Carol Bolt adapted for the television production starring Tudi Wiggins. David Brown, Teddy Moore, and Mavor Moore starred in The Mariposa Bank Mystery, from the Stephen Leacock story.

Peter Carter directed Philip Child’s World War I story, God’s Sparrow. A Token Gesture was written by playwright David French, and Some Are So Lucky, starring Jackie Burroughs and Michael Tait, was taken from the story by Hugh Garner. Morley Callaghan returned as the author of The Magic Hat, which starred Gordon Pinsent and Louise Marleau. The series concluded with Richard J. Needham’s story Roberta and Her Robot, starring Anne Collings, Jack Creley, and Dinah Christie.

Written by John Corcelli – September, 2005