CBC Television Network

Take 30/Take Thirty

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1962 to 1984

Broadcast Medium: Television

A public affairs program featuring interviews on a wide variety of subjects.

Producers: Leo Rampen (l962-66), Denny Spence (l962-64, l966), Cynthia Scott (l965), Eric Koch (l965-66), Moses Znaimer (l967-68), Manny Pittson (l967-68), Donnalu Wigmore (l969-70), Hamish Livingston (l969-70), Ken Johnson (l97l), Myles White (l975-76), and Bill Cobben (l976).

Hosts: Anna Cameron [1962-1965], Paul Soles [1962-1978], Adrienne (Poy) Clarkson [1965-1975], Moses Znaimer [1967-1968], Ed Reid [1971-1975], Mary Lou Finlay [1975-1977], Hana Gartner [1977-1982], Harry Brown [1978-1984], Nadine Berger [1982-1984]

Aired daily from September 1962 to May 1984.

Written by John Corcelli – April, 2002