CBC Television Network

Street Legal

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1987 to 1994

Broadcast Medium: Television

A one hour weekly drama about the life and times of a team of lawyers and
their law firm. Series created by William Deverell. Principal cast: C. David
Johnson, Eric Peterson, Sonja Smits (`87 to `92), Cynthia Dale (`88 to `94),
Anthony Sherwood (`89 to `94), Julie Khaner (`89 to `94), Albert Schultz
(`91 to `94), Maria del Mar, Ron Lea, Alison Sealy-Smith and David James
Elliott (`87 to `89).

 Cynthia Dale returned from the original cast 25 years later, when the CBC brought back Street Legal for a brief run in 2019.   Eric Peterson and Anthony Sherwood also returned, but the series drew lower viewing figures than the CBC had anticipated,  and the series was cancelled after only six episodes.

On hearing the news, Cynthia Dale posted the following:  

:”I will always be head-held-high proud of this show. I will always always know in my gut that it was a really good show … and I will always always always hold the incredible joy we had when we filmed this deep in my heart.”

Dale ended her post with the words: “And so… fade to black.”