CBC Television Network

Side Effects

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1994 to 1996

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Friday nights at 8PM from October 14, 1994 to February 9, 1996

This hour-long medical drama was set in an inner-city walk-in clinic. Guy Mullaly and Brenda Greenberg, who wrote for the series and acted as Executive Producer, created the concept. The show ran for two seasons and was noted for its edgy portrayal of the medical profession and its street-wise doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, the show debuted the same year as E.R.on NBC, and Chicago Hope on CBS. But it did feature guest appearances by some of Canada’s best actors.  In 1997, Albert Schultz and Joseph Ziegler went on to form the Soulpepper Theatre Company in Toronto.

Principal Cast:

Albert Schultz as Dr. Noah Knelman
Nadia Capone as Dr. Diane Camilleri
Joseph Ziegler as Dr. Jim Barker
Barbara Eve Harris as Wanda Gibbs
Anna Pappas as Dr. Gayle Politis
Jovanni Sy as Dr. Donald Chen
Jennifer Dale as Dr. Liz Anderson
Elizabeth Shepherd as R.N. Judy Owens
Janne Mortil as Michelle Dupont

Directors: Holly Dale, Steve DiMarco, Ken Girotti, Alan Simmonds, Brad Turner, Clement Virgo
Principal Writers: David Barlow, David Finley, Maureen McKeon, Brenda Greenberg and Rebecca Schechter

Written by John Corcelli – March, 2006