CBC Television Network


Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1997 to 2000

Broadcast Medium: Television

A soap opera/drama, set in the Toronto community of Riverdale. The series was created  byYan Moore, one of the producers of Britain’s Coronation Street, and was produced by Stephen Sohn and Linda Schuyler for Epitome Pictures Inc., in association with the CBC.  94 half-hour episodes were produced.  The series premiered on January 1, 1997.  It ran for three seasons, with the last episode being broadcast on February 1, 2000

 Directors included Alan Erlich and Eugene Ferguson. Writers: Leila Basen, David Finley.

Principal Cast:

Richard Anselmo as Patron
Chris Benson as Wally Wowczuk
Christian Potenza as Jimmy Snow
Dave Nichols as Maurice Long
Martin Roach as Jerome “Tiny” Sheffield
Paul Soles as Costas Stavros
Alex Campbell as Patrick Mackenzie
Lynne Griffin as Alice Sweeney 
George Patillo as Hugo Dann
Ken James as Stan Wilkes
Jayne Eastwood as Gloria Wilkes
Maria Ricossa as Christa Stavros
Stewart Arnott as Charles Mackenzie
Tyrone Benskin as Mike Hayes

Written by John Corcelli – April, 2002