CBC Television Network

Ritter’s Cove

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1980 to 1981

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Friday nights from September 3, 1979 to March 20, 1981. Repeated
Wednesday afternoons from October 1981 to March 1982.

This half hour drama was shot on location in British Columbia. It was
the story of Karl Ritter, a grounded pilot, and his struggle to keep
his air-lift business afloat. To that end he had to hire a female pilot
named Kate Ashcroft. The sparks flew when the older man tried to
interfere with the young woman’s ambitions.

This series, which was originally planned to succeed The Beachcombers,
was a co-production of the CBC, Taurus Films of Munich, and Global
Television Services. It was produced by David Pears, and the executive producer was Peter Kelly.

Principal Cast:

Hans Caninenberg as Karl Ritter
Susan Hogan as Kate
Dale Walters as Robert
Craig Kelly as Arnie.

Written by John Corcelli – November, 2005