CBC Television Network


Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1957 to 1958

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Saturday evenings from February to May 1957; with a second season airing from November 1957 to January 1958.

Canada’s answer to the ever popular Davy Crockett  television series produced by Walt Disney.
This series was less successful due to high production costs and poor weather. Not to mention the difficulty of shooting a program in the 20th Century that was supposed to take place in the 17th Century along the St. Lawrence River. Nevertheless, 39 programs were completed on film and syndicated to Australian and British television and a few American stations, where the series was re-titled Tomahawk. A theme song, recorded by Wally Koster, and plenty of  merchandizing, also accompanied the series, designed to take advantage of the commercial success of Davey Crockett. It was also produced for Radio-Canada in French.
Cast: Jacques Godin as Pierre Radisson; Rene Caron as Groseilliers and Raymond Royer as Onenga.
Writer: John Lucarotti
Director: Pierre Gauvreau
Producer:  Yves Bigras
Series created by: Monica Clare

For detailed information about episodes in this series, see:
“Outside Looking In”, by Mary Jane Miller (McGill-Queen’s University Press 2008)

Written by John Corcelli – February, 2005