CKJM-FM, Community, Chéticamp

La Cooperative Radio Cheticamp

CKJM-FM1995106.13,000La Cooperative Radio Cheticamp Limitee.


The station was licenced for the first time in 1991 as a special events station. It broadcast “L’Escaouette se diffuse”, August 1-4, 1991. It was a French-language FM community (Type A) operation. It should be noted that a variety of frequencies were used for these special broadcasts over the years.

The station received further short-term special events licences:

  • “Courons la mi-Carême” (16 to 29 March 1992)
  • “L’Escaouette en Fête” (1992)
  • “Fêtons la mi-Carême”, (14 to 21 March 1993)
  • “Célébrons le centenaire de notre église” and the “Festival de l’Escaouette” (1993)
  • “Laissons rentrer les mi-carêmes” (1994)
  • “L’Escaouette en Fête” (1994) 
  • During these events, the station also rebroadcast programs from CFIM-FM Cap-aux-  Meules, Quebec.


On February 16, the CRTC approved the application by La Coopérative Radio Chéticamp Limitée for a broadcasting licence for a French-language FM community radio programming undertaking at Cheticamp, on the frequency 106.1 MHz (channel 291A), with an effective radiated power of 3,000 watts. The licence would expire on August 31, 2000. The licence term was shorter than the maximum seven years to allow the Commission to consider the renewal of this licence in accordance with the Commission’s regional plan for community radio stations and to better distribute the workload within the Commission. The new station would broadcast 48 hours of locally-produced programming and 60 hours of programming originating from CFIM-FM Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec. The Commission noted the applicant’s proposal to broadcast 4% of Category 3 music (Traditional and Special Interest) as a percentage of overall music programming. The station would broadcast 10 hours of programming in the English language, and proposed to devote one program per week to Celtic language and music. The Commission noted that this community station was owned and controlled by a not-for-profit organization whose structure provided for membership, management, operation, and programming primarily by members of the community at large.

On March 10, La Coopérative Radio Chéticamp Limitée received a special event licence (French-language FM community radio station – Type A). The station would operate at Chéticamp on the frequency 99.3 MHz with an effective radiated power of 31 watts and a transmitter at Margaree (Magré), on 98.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 50 watts. The station would broadcast programs related to the activities of the “Mi-Carême”, from 19 to 26 March. In addition, this station would broadcast programming received from community station CFIM-FM Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec.

CKJM-FM 106.1 signed on the air.


On September 6, CKJM-FM received approval to operate a transmitter at Pomquet, operating on 92.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 475 watts. The new transmitter would help the station reach the Acadian Francophones of the region.


On February 17, the CRTC approved the application by CKJM-FM to add a rebroadcasting transmitter in Sydney. The new transmitter would operate at 97.5 MHz with an average ERP of 830 watts (non-directional).


CKJM-2 Sydney began broadcasting in February, simulcasting CKJM 106.1.

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