CJVA-FM, French, Caraquet

Radio Acadie Ltée.

CJVA-FM201694.122,333Radio Acadie Ltée.
CJVA-AM197781010,000Radio Acadie Ltée.


On July 18, Dr. Alphee Michaud on behalf of a company to be incorporated was
awarded a licence for a new AM station at Caraquet. The proposed French language station would be affiliated with Radio-Canada.


On July 11, Radio Acadie Ltee was authorized to issue 1,900 common shares to Dr. Demetrio Mea, Dr. Bruno Selosse, Rufino Lundry, Ali Lebouthillier, Lionel Breau, Richard Losier, Ulysse Breau and Donat Breau. Five hundred common shares would then be transferred from Roger Morin to Lionel Breau, Richard Losier, Ulysse Breau and Donat Breau. The station is still not on the air. It was hoped the new ownership structure would provide the funding to get things underway.


The licence was renewed for one year and a share transfer was approved. The new owners would be R. Landry (50%), A. Lebouthillier and A. Michaud. The station was still not on the air. The licensees now considered FM to be more feasible but were told any FM application would have to be considered on the same basis as that of any party applying for this service.


CJVA began broadcasting on September 15, operating on 810 kHz with a power of 10,000 watts. CJVA was owned and operated by Radio Acadie Ltee. and broadcast programming in French.


The owners of CJVA opened CHLR-AM in Moncton.


On March 31, the CRTC renewed the licence for CJVA to 31 August 1995 (administrative renewal).

CKLE-FM Bathurst began simulcasting from 6 p.m. to midnight over CJVA.


By this time, CJVA was receiving CKLE programming for all but four hours a week. 


On June 29 the CRTC renewed CJVA licence until August 31, 2012. 


On August 17, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CJVA to August 31, 2013.


In February, CJVA received CRTC approval to move to 94.1 MHz with ERP of 17,000 watts (28,000 watts Max).


On March 18, the CRTC approved CJVA’s application to change the transmitter site, change its class from B to C1, increase the average effective radiated power from 17,000 to 22,233 watts (maximum ERP from 28,000 to 100,000 watts with the effective height of antenna above average terrain increasing from 65.7 to 96.6 meters). The transmitter would be relocated from the Caraquet water tower to existing CBC facilities in Grande Anse. Note:  As of April 1st, CJVA had not yet made the move from AM to FM.

In the spring, CJVA made the move from 810 AM to FM 94.1. It partially simulcast CKLE-FM in Bathurst. CJVA 810 was shut down on August 1.

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