CHED-AM, News-Talk-Sports, Edmonton

Corus Entertainment Inc.

CHED-AM200063050,000Corus Radio Ltd.
CHED-AM199263050,000Westcom Radio Group Ltd.
CHED-AM198963050,000Moffat-MH Radio Ltd. (Moffat / Maclean-Hunter)
CHED-AM196063010,000CHED Ltd.
CHED-AM195410801,000CHED Ltd. (Lloyd Moffat & partners)


Hugh M. Sibbald applied for a new AM radio station at Edmonton, using a frequency of 630 kHz with a directional power of 1,000 watts. The CBC Board deferred the application to a later time.


Hugh Sibbald again applied for a 1,000 watt station at Edmonton…this time using 1080 kHz as the frequency. The CBC Board of Governors approved the application. For the record, Sibbald was an Edmonton lawyer.

CHED was set to open in December. Don McKay (no relation to Calgary mayor and former radio man) would be manager. This Don McKay had no previous radio experience.

Sunwapta Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (CFRN-AM) was granted a licence for a new television station at Edmonton. Competing applicants by William Rea Jr. (CKNW New Westminster) and Edmonton Television Ltd. (financed equally by CHED Ltd. and Edmonton Broadcasting Co. Ltd. which is 40% owned by Taylor & Pearson Broadcasting Ltd. and 60% by Southam Co. Ltd.) were turned down.

CHED was now expecting to be operational by January 10, 1954. Jerry Forbes was to be production manager.


CHED signed on the air on March 3 or 4. It was scheduled to sign on in late 1953 but there were delays. CHED broadcast on a frequency of 1080 kHz with a full-time power of 1,000 watts, directional at night. The “ED” in the call sign represented the first two letters in Edmonton. CHED was on the air 24 hours a day.

Allan Slaight joined CHED as news director, from CJCA. Guy Vaughan was news editor and reporter. John Symonds was on-air between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Slogan: They’re listening to something new…on Radio 1080 CHED Edmonton.


Corinne Noonan, promotion manager, left for J.J. Gibbons Ltd. Jean Saint took over the promotions position at CHED.

Al Slaight was news director and Don McKay was manager. M.D. (Curly) Dyck was national sales manager.

Slogans: Edmonton’s entertainment station. / Follow the leader in CHEDmonton.


Announcer Stu Phillips left CHED for CHCT-TV in Calgary. In November, Lew Roskin joined CHED from Calgary’s CFCN.


CHED 1080 had a power of 1,000 watts (directional at night) and had no network affiliation. Ownership of CHED Limited: M. H. Sibbald 80%, Lloyd Moffat 10% and E. A. Rawlinson 10%. Don McKay was CHED’s manager while Lew Roskin was assistant manager. Jerry Forbes was production and program manager as well as music director. 

On August 1, M. D. “Curly” Dyck became CHED’s acting General Manager. He had been Commercial Manager and replaced Don McKay. Dyck had been with the station since November of 1951.

CHED received CBC approval to increase power from 1,000 to 10,000 watts. The increase was operational before the end of the year.

CHED adopted a Top 50 (rock & roll) music format.


Lew Roskin was appointed general sales manager and Allan Slaight was named national sales manager. Lew started with CJOC in 1937, joined the army in 1942, returned to CJOC in 1945, then moved on to CJOB in 1946 as program director. From 1947-49, Lew was with CFRN then moved to CJDC Dawson Creek. He joined CFCN in 1955 as assistant manager. In November of 1956, Roskin joined CHED as retail sales manager. Slaight started in radio in 1948 at CHAB. He moved to CFRN in 1950 then CJCA in 1952. He was hired as news director at CHED in 1954 and became merchandising director in 1956. Later in the year, Allan Slaight left for CHUM Toronto.

Ad slogan: By every survey CHED is number one in the Edmonton market. / CHED #1 – BBM Metropolitan Edmonton – Spring 1958 – CHED Edmonton – 10,000 watts.

With the Board of Broadcast Governors replacing the CBC as regulator, many parties were awaiting the lifting of the TV ban…in Edmonton CHED and CJCA had expressed an interest in obtaining a TV licence, and at least two other groups were reported interested. At this time, three channels were available for Edmonton.


Ads: In Northern Alberta, “promotion” is spelled…ched. / First in Edmonton with the Sound of Sixty. A new sound embracing the best of modern hits, the big band sound of the forties, the old standards and the GOLD records. Ched once again leads the entire industry with a long-range policy. Ched’s Sound of Sixty is the sound that adults and discriminating teenagers demanded. Surveys, letters, phone calls prove it! Edmonton is sold on CHED – 10,000 watts – 24 hours daily.

Radio Station CHED Ltd. was one of the applicants for a new Edmonton TV station. The licence was awarded to the CBC.


In March, CHED was given approval to adjust its daytime radiation pattern.

Lloyd Moffat died unexpectedly.

On-air line-up: Jim Stanley (5-9 a.m.), John Scrimshaw (9-noon), Sam McGuire (noon-3), Jay Spark (3-6), Pat Harris (6-7), Al Anderson (7-midnight) and Don Kay (midnight-5). John McLeod did weekends and Wes Montgomery handled sports and Oil Kings play by play. Jerry Forbes had been promoted from program director to general manager. Keith James, who was originally hired to be promotions director, was promoted to program director. As a great “Programming Minded Team” Jerry & Keith went on a rebuilding plan to try to knock off competitor CJCA. John Scrimshaw later moved to the newsroom and Scott Cameron moved over from CJCA to do mid-mornings. Pat Harris was British and played the Beatles & other British groups to capitalize on the British Invasion.


By this time, CHED had moved from 1080 kHz to 630 kHz. Power remained 10,000 watts full-time. Different day and night directional patterns were used.

Wes Montgomery was let go because CHED was not doing the Oil Kings anymore and a lot of stations didn’t have full time sportscasters. At his going away party in the Coachman Hotel (across the street from CHED) Wes exploded with his quick wit and sense of humour. This got Jerry Forbes & Keith James to thinking…if this guy is so funny, maybe we should try him as a disc jockey. They hired him back to do an air shift Saturday and Sunday nights to see how he’d sound as a jock. It wasn’t long after that when Jerry & Keith decided to replace Jim Stanley on the morning show with a young, funny, Weston Victor Montgomery. Scott Cameron was replaced by a syndicated talk show with Joe Pine. Don Kay moved to the 1-4 p.m. shift. Al Anderson moved to production duties. Mike Marshall did the 4-7 p.m. shift and a loud, creative, funny red headed Canadian guy, named Bob McCord, (who had been at WONE-AM in Dayton, Ohio) came to CHED for the 7 to Midnight show. Another newcomer, Russ Campbell moved into the Midnight to 6 a.m. time slot.


Wes Montgomery was doing very well on the morning show. Syndicated Joe Pine was dropped from mid-mornings. Don Kay moved into the 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. slot, Al Anderson did 1 to 4 p.m., Mike Marshall 4 to 7 p.m., Bob McCord left for KLIF in Dallas, Texas, and Russ Campbell moved into the 7 to midnight time slot. Charlie Brown (Gary Verne) took over the all-night show.


Bob McCord returned to CHED from KLIF in Dallas. He replaced Mike Marshall who left for CKLW in Windsor, Ontario.


Studios and offices were noted at 10006-107th Street.

On-air line-up: Wes Montgomery (mornings), Don Kay (middays), Al Anderson (1-4), Bob McCord (4-7), Russ Campbell (7-midnight) and Charlie Brown (overnights).

Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. was awarded all Western Conference CFL broadcast rights for 1968 through 1970. Moffat owned CKY-AM-FM and CJAY-TV Winnipeg, CKXL-AM Calgary, CKLG-AM-FM Vancouver and part of CHED-AM Edmonton. The CFL Western Conference consisted of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Edmonton Eskimos, Calgary Stampeders and the British Columbia Lions.  

Jerry Forbes was appointed vice president of Radio Station CHED Ltd. The announcement was made by president E.A. Rawlinson. Forbes had been associated with the station since 1953 and had been general manager for the past four years.


Don Hamilton arrived at CHED to do the 9 p.m. to midnight shift. 

Slogan: More people listen to CHED for more hours each week then to any other Alberta radio station.

Al Anderson, Charlie Brown, Russ Campbell, Dave Cummins, Ron Greig, Don Hamilton, Don Kay, Bob McCord, Jim McLaughlin, Wes Montgomery, Frank Robertson, Jim Santrock, Mary Tobin, Ralph Warrington and Glen Yost were all working at CHED at this time.

CHED was affiliated with CHUM Limited’s new Canadian Contemporary News System.

James M. Pryor was named chairman of the board of Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. 


On-air line-up: Wes Montgomery (6-9), Dave Cummins (9-noon), Don Hamilton (noon-3), Bob McCord (3-6), Russ Campbell (6-9), Jim Jackson / Wayne Bryant (9-midnight). Don Hamilton (Stevens) left for CKLG Vancouver. Don Kay moved to sales and Dave Cummins took over the 9 a.m. to noon shift.

Jerry Forbes was vice president and general manager. J. Michael Warmington was hired as News Director.


Mike Fawcett left CHED for S.W. Davis Broadcast Technical Services.


Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. offered its shares to the public, becoming Moffat Communications Ltd. Before the share offer, the company was owned as follows: Donna Hardstaff (nee Moffat) 50% and Randall Moffat 50%. Randall Moffat now held 51.2% and the public offering was 38.8%.

Wayne Bryant was at CHED.


Rob Christie took over the 6-9 p.m. shift when Gord Robison left late in the year.


Ken Connors joined CHED from CJME Regina.

630 CHED increased power to 50,000 watts full-time, using different day and night directional patterns. Six 355 foot towers were used at a site located five miles southeast of Edmonton.


On air line-up: Wes Montgomery (6-9), Chuck Chandler (9-noon), Bruce Bowie (noon-3), Bob McCord (3-6), Keith James (6-9), Len Thuesen (9-midnight). Overnights: Brad Phillips then Billy Williams. Ken Connors did the Big 40 Countdown Saturday on afternoons. Don Kennedy and Barry Wall did weekends/swing. News: Bob Layton, C.R. Nichols, Randy Kilburn, Elaine MacDonald, Scott Metcalfe, Clifford Oginski, and Eddie Keen.


Moffat Communications Ltd. was given approval to purchase a further 55% interest in Radio Station CHED Ltd.

Keith James did 6-9 p.m. until Bob McCord left to pursue a licence bid at which time Keith moved into the 3-6 p.m. shift. Keith did 3-6 p.m. for a year until ownership and programming changed hands. He was replaced by Rob Christie 3-6 p.m. who had moved back from Montreal. Keith James did 6-9 p.m. until Bob McCord left to pursue a licence bid at which time Keith moved into the 3-6 p.m. shift. Keith did 3-6 p.m. for a year until ownership and programming changed hands. He was replaced by Rob Christie 3-6 p.m. who had moved back from Montreal. Ken Connors left CHED for CFGP Grande Prairie. 


CHED’s application for an FM station at Edmonton (100,000 watts on 102.9 MHz) was turned down by the CRTC.

J. R. (Ron) Mitchell died on August 20 while on vacation in Florida. He was 46. Mitchell was President of Moffat Communications Ltd., MTV Ltd. (CKY-TV) and Winnipeg Videon Ltd.


Randall L. (Randy) Moffat, Chair of Moffat Communications Ltd., assumed the post of president, following the death of Ron Mitchell.


Bill Sysak left CHED as vice president and general manager to take up the same post at Moffat’s CKLG/CFOX-FM in Vancouver. Vern Traill left the same position at the Vancouver stations to become VP and GM at CHED.


CHED announced it would use the Kahn AM stereo system.


CHED’s vice president and general manager – Vern Traill – was appointed chairman of the Radio Bureau of Canada.


Jim Herbison left CHED to do sports at CKNG-FM.

Clint Nichol died at age 64 on November 3. He was director of engineering for Moffat’s radio division, a post he had held since 1979. After working for Rawlinson stations CKBI Prince Albert and CJNB North Battleford (both Saskatchewan), Nichol virtually built CHED, which was licensed to E.A. Rawlinson and Lloyd Moffat. He was CHED’s chief engineer from the start until his corporate promotion in 1979.


Moffat failed in its bid to obtain an FM station to pair up with CHED. On May 1, its application to acquire CISN-FM was denied.

Gord Robson re-joined CHED’s air staff to handle the afternoon drive shift. He spent ten years with Vancouver’s CKLG and was program director at stations in Moose Jaw and Calgary. Seanna Collins became a CHED swing announcer. She had been with Q92 in Regina.

Vern Traill was vice president and general manager.


Gord Robson, who worked at CHED in the early 1970’s, rejoined the station to take over the afternoon drive slot.


Stan Ravendahl and Vern Traill swapped stations. Ravendahl moved to CHED while Trail returned to CHAB (Moose Jaw).


On September 28, the CRTC approved the applications by Moffat Communications Limited, representing a company to be incorporated for authority to acquire CHED and CKNG-FM Edmonton from Moffat Communications Limited and CFCN Communications Limited. Under the proposed shareholders’ agreement, Moffat would hold 72.5% of the common voting shares with CFCN holding the remaining 27.5%. The shareholders’ agreement provided for CFCN’s share of the new company to be increased to 35% during the first three years of its operation, at the option of either CFCN or Moffat and that both CKNG-FM and CHED would be managed on a day-to-day basis by Moffat, with overall direction provided by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives of each of Moffat and CFCN.

The new company that acquired CHED and CKNG-FM was known as Moffat-MH Radio.


On August 20, the CRTC approved the applications by a partnership between Moffat Communications Limited and Manipro Ltd. for authority to acquire the assets of CHED and CKNG-FM Edmonton from Moffat-MH Radio. Moffat-MH Radio is a partnership in which Moffat Communications Limited has a 67.5% interest and CFCN Productions Limited a 32.5% interest. The basis of this transaction is for Moffat to acquire CFCN’s interest in this partnership and to continue the partnership in order to faciliate the sale of CHED and CKNG-FM to a third party. As a result of this transaction, the effective control of the licences will not change. Moffat’s interest in the partnership will be increased to 99%. Manipro Ltd. will have a 1% interest. The Commission then approved the applications by Westcom Radio Group Ltd. for approval to subsequently acquire the assets of CHED and CKNG-FM. Westcom was part of Western Broadcasting Co. Ltd. of Vancouver.


Seanna Collins left CHED after six years, the last four as morning show co-host. She was off to CFRN-TV.

Stan Ravndahl left CHED / CKNG-FM.

Wayne Keen was named general sales manager at CHED / CKNG-FM.

CHED relaunched as a talk station in December following the demise of CJCA-AM.


CHED became the new voice of the Edmonton Oilers assuming the remaining two years of the contract from CFCW. Rod Phillips remained play-by-play voice.

Doug Rutherford was CHED’s Vice President and General Manager.


The corporate name changed to WIC Radio Ltd.

CHED signed the Edmonton Oilers (NHL) to a new five year deal.

Dave Jamieson was program director. Barry Harrison left the CHED/Power 92 news department.


The Griffiths family holdings in WIC Western International Communications Ltd. were sold, subject to CRTC approval, to Shaw Communications Inc. and CanWest Global Communications Corp.   

Aimée Caster became CHED’s promotion director.

WIC Radio President Ted Smith left that position at the end of December. Doug Rutherford, of WIC Edmonton (Power92/CHED) and vice president of programming for the WIC stations, stepped in to manage the WIC Radio assets until the deal with Shaw was finalized.

Marc Libioron left CHED/Power 92 for CFCW/Mix 96/K-Rock 97.3.


Following months of negotiation, agreements were filed with the CRTC on the split of WIC assets between CanWest Global, Corus Radio Company (formerly Shaw Radio), and Shaw Communoications.

Newsman/talk show host Jerry Bellikka was let go by CHED (replaced by Dr. Laura). A few weeks later, he turned up as senior reporter and legislative reporter for Alberta’s A-Channel. Later in the year, he moved on to Alberta Family and Social Services as communications manager for a new department to be set up.


Following an April hearing in Vancouver, in July, the CRTC announced the approval of the purchase of WIC Radio by Corus Radio Company, which included CHED-FM Edmonton. 


On July 18 the CRTC renewed the licence of Corus Premium Television Limited’s CHED-AM.


Lewis Roskin passed away December 27. He started his radio career as an announcer (at age 17) at CJOC in Lethbridge. That was in 1937. He went on to work at CFRN Edmonton, CJDC Dawson Creek, CFCN Calgary, CHED Edmonton and CKLG Vancouver. He then went on to co-found CHQT Edmonton where he was president and general manager until he sold the station years later.


Matthew Bisson, morning co-host and news anchor on 98.9 The Drive (CKLC Kingston) left for Corus Radio Edmonton’s 630 CHED and iNews 880 (CHQT).

Long time 630 CHED Morning News host Gord Whitehead announced that he was retiring, effective, September 1. A 40 year radio veteran, and the only morning show host 630 CHED has had since introducing its news-talk format in 1993, Whitehead’s last on-air broadcast was heard on August 31. Taking over from Whitehead was Edmonton’s radio veteran Bruce Bowie who spent the last 21 years as host of CISN COUNTRY 103.9’s The Waking Crew. This marked Bowie’s return to the Edmonton radio station where he first hosted a music program in 1974. Filling the vacancy on the CISN COUNTRY morning show: longtime CISN afternoon host Chris Scheetz. Scheetz officially joined Sean Burke and Leslie Stein on August 30 at 5:30 a.m.

Morley Scott was 630 CHED Edmonton’s new play-by-play announcer for Eskimos games. Scott, the former Edmonton Oilers colour man, succeeded veteran Bryan Hall, the legendary voice of the Canadian Football League team.

Tamara Konrad left Corus Edmonton as Operations Manager to become General Manager/General Sales Manager at CKEA-FM Edmonton.

On November 30, the CRTC renewed CHED’s licence to August 31, 2017.


Former CHED personality John Dolan passed away.

630 CHED would hold the Edmonton Oilers broadcast rights through to the end of the 2013-14 season. The station had held the rights since 1995.

Neil Cunningham, Director of Sales at Corus Radio Alberta and based in Edmonton, left that position for Spence Diamonds. Cunningham’s Corus position was not be filled. His duties were now shared amongst four sales management staff.


Corus Entertainment announced the appointment of Garry McKenzie as regional general manager for Corus Radio Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg, effective April 2. In his new role, Garry would provide leadership, strategic direction and vision to the three markets, bringing over 20 years of solid operating experience, a strong sales and marketing background and results-driven success to 10 radio stations. Most recently, Garry was general manager of Corus Radio Vancouver.

Doug Rutherford, after a combined 38 years with WIC/Shaw/Corus, left his vice president and general manager post with Corus Radio Alberta at the end of March. Rutherford was President/CEO of WIC in Vancouver from 1998 to 2000. In 2000, Shaw purchased the company and Rutherford was retained in the position of VP for the West and held that role when Shaw’s broadcast properties were moved under a Shaw-held new company, Corus.


The new marketing manager at Corus Radio Edmonton (630 CHED/92-5 Fresh FM/CISN Country 103.9/iNews880) was Tammy DuChene-Bos, moving to broadcasting from financial services and the travel/tour industries. She begins at Corus March 4.

Francis (Frank) Joseph Dolphin died at age 84. He worked in radio at CHED, CKUA and at CBC-TV Edmonton where he was the legislative reporter.


Tom Davies, chief engineer at Corus Radio Edmonton, retired October 31 after a 45-year career. He started at CHED on November 1, 1971 as assistant engineer under Clint Nichol. In 1978 Davies was appointed chief engineer.


Chuck Chandler passed away November 28 at the age of 73. He started his career at CJDC-TV Dawson Creek in 1964, moving over to CJDC Radio as an evening host. He then worked all over Canada as a DJ and PD (sometimes under the name Todd Young), making stops at Edmonton (CJCA, CHED, CFRN, CKNG, CHQT and CKRA), Halifax (CJCH), Montreal (CFOX, CKGM), Winnipeg (CFRW), Langley (CKST), and Victoria (CKDA). Chandler retired in 2008.


On January 22, Corus Radio launched a new overnight talk show, The Shift with Drex. The four-hour show aired on CKNW Vancouver, CHQR Calgary, CHED Edmonton, CJOB Winnipeg, CFMJ Toronto, CHML Hamilton, and CFPL London. The four hour show was based at CKNW.

Bryan Hall celebrated 65 years in radio this year. In addition to his years at CKUA, CJCA and now CHED, Hall also spent time in Toronto in the 1960s as sports director at CHUM and voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Bruce Bowie, who had been morning show host at 630 CHED for the last nine years, retired August 30. Bowie’s 47-year radio career started in 1972 at CKSA Lloydminster. He then moved to Lethbridge and then CHAB Moose Jaw. Bowie joined CHED in 1974 and then CKNG-FM Edmonton in 1986. He then spent two years at Calgary’s CISS-FM before joining Edmonton’s CISN-FM. He remained at CISN for 21 years before returning to CHED in 2010.

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