CBC Television Network

Prime Time News

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1992 to 1995

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Monday to Friday at 9PM from November 2, 1992 to October 1, 1993.
Aired at 10PM from October 1993 to October 1995.

This hour-long news and public affairs program was the CBC’s first to enter the 7pm – 11pm prime time schedule, breaking away from the traditional 11PM newscast to which most viewers were accustomed. The driving force behind it was Ivan Fecan, VP of Programming, who wanted to create a completely different television schedule for the network. This show replaced The National/Journal program that had debuted in 1982. It was formatted to merge longer form documentaries with news reporting by putting current events into their proper historical perspective. In the hour, a viewer could learn about a particular breaking news story followed by a one-on-one interview with either a reporter or pundit or expert. It was co-anchored by Peter Mansbridge and Pamela Wallin.

After one year, the audience began to fade and stiff competition from the private networks forced CBC to return its flagship newscast back to the 10PM timeslot. Mansbridge became the sole anchor and Pamela Wallin hosted the “magazine” segment. In 1995, The National and The Magazine returned to the schedule. Peter Mansbridge became the anchor of The National and Pamela Wallin got her own show on Newsworld. Hana Gartner became the host of The Magazine. Brian Stewart, Nancy Wilson and Valerie Pringle also filled that chair.

Written by John Corcelli – March, 2006