CBC Television Network


Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1969 to 1970

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Sunday afternoons during the summer of 1973; aired Sunday afternoons from September 29 to December 29, 1974.
This half hour program explored the world of industry and its relationship with organized labour, providing equal time to both sides.
Long time radio broadcaster Bob Oxley was the host of the show, with commentary from Richard Needham, columnist with the Globe and Mail newspaper.
The first season of 8 programs examined such subjects as pensions, white collar unions, strikebreaking, worker education, women in the workforce and the union movement at home and abroad.
The second season, in 1974, ran for 13 weeks. This offered the producers more time to discuss issues in more detail. Some of the programs covered the Alberta Oil industry and its labour relations. Other shows dealt with the North Atlantic fishing industry, arbitration in settling labour disputes, mining in the Yukon, immigrant workers and health issues in the workplace.
The executive producer was John Lackie, and Eric McLeery produced the show, which was replaced by Moneymakers in October 1975 .

Written by John Corcelli – September, 2005