CBC Television Network

Outside Inside

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1969 to 1970

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired: Sunday afternoons from October 1, 1972 to May 13, 1973. Repeated Tuesday afternoons from December 25, 1973 to March 12, 1974.

Alex Trebek and Ray Staples co-hosted this half hour program about design and architecture. Staples, an interior designer, led a guest list that included Clare Haddad, fashion designer, jewellery maker Raphael and artist Garth Haines. The focus of the weekly program was to discuss all things modern: interior lighting, landscape design, urban planning, furniture making and how to make things out of sheets of plastic often with Trebek at a workbench.

 Many fans considered it “ahead of its time” considering the current speciality programming devoted to interior design, antiques, innovative housing and energy-saving technology. 

 Some episodes looked at Toronto’s most prominent structures, including City Hall (completed in 1965) and Massey Hall, currently undergoing a major renovation to be completed in 2021. Urban planning was also an important topic in what is now Canada’s largest city.

The program was produced by Shirley Franklin and directed by Chris Paton. The executive producer was Dodi Robb, from CBC Daytime Programming, and the researcher was Rosemary Phillips.

Written by John Corcelli with thanks to Rosemary Phillips.