OM Acquisitions


Levfam Holdings, on behalf of a company to be incorporated,  was licensed in November 2000 to operate a cable specialty channel to provide news and information, lifestyle and entertainment programming designed to meet the interests of the gay and lesbian community, and to be known as PrideVision. Levfam would hold a 70% interest in the new company, called PrideVision Inc., with the balance of ownership resting with Alliance Atlantis. 

In May 2004 the CRTC approved the acquisition of a majority ownership (80.2%) of PrideVision by William Craig, with PrideVision retaining 9.9% and other minority shareholders holding the balance. In March 2005 Craig was awarded a second specialty channel licence, and OUTtv (originally titled 617) went on the air on April 12th 2005, taking over the day-today programming of PrideVision.  The latter then changed its name to HARD-TV, and offered subscription based adult entertainment.

In July 2006, Shavick Entertainment announced that they had acquired a 52% majority interest in OUTtv, subject to CTC approval.

 In October 2008. former CHUM Television President Jay Switzer joined the board of OUT-TV.

In 2016, the CRTC approved the sale of OUT to OM Acquisition, a company controlled  by Ronald N. Stern. Shavick held a minority interest under the new ownership structure.

Ownership: OM Acquisitions

Start Year: 2005