Zoomer Media Group

One – The Body Mind and Spirit Channel

Vision TV was granted a specialty cable channel licence in November 2000 for a program service, then planned to be called Wisdom: Canada’s Body, Mind and Spirit Channel.  The application promised that Wisdom would “focus on a holistic approach to wellness, offering programming that will address the interests of a large number of Canadians in new and alternative ways.” The channel launched as ONE – The Body, Mind and Spirit Channel in September 2001. Vision TV later became S-VOX, and Alliance Atlantis and Radio Nord Inc. later came on board as minority partners in the venture.

CanWest Media Networks acquired Alliance Atlantis in December 2007, and thereby became minority partners in ONE – The Body Mind and Spirit Network.

 On March 30th 2010 ZoomerMedia Limited received CRTC approval to acquire all shares in the capital of Vision TV Digital, including a 47.22% interest in the specialty channel ONE – The Body Mind and Spirit Channel.  

 On Sunday May 1st 2011, ZoomerMedia introduced a new look for the ONE channel.

ZoomerMedia’s press release stated:  “The Brand New ONE is the channel where body, mind, spirit and love intersect to make a better you. The Brand New ONE presents the smartest, freshest shows on yoga and meditation, weight loss and fitness, sex and relationships, natural health and nutrition, and alternative medicine.  ONE’s experts will inspire viewers with practical ways to achieve their maximum potential and happiness.”

One was launched in HD on March 23, 2017.

Ownership: Zoomer Media Group

Start Year: 2001