CBC Television Network

Other Man, The

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1963

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Tuesday nights at 10 from April 30 to June 4, 1963

Shot on location at the Toronto Islands, this thriller was produced by Eric Till and was modeled after the British thriller genre. The story took place in the fictional town of Medlow, located in the Thames Valley and site of Buckingham College, a public school. A body is discovered in a houseboat and the mystery unfolds week by week.

David Henderson was the principal suspect in the murder of Paul Rocello, a new immigrant to England. Henderson was housemaster at the college, but the facts didn’t necessarily point to him. Rocello’s sister later arrived along with the British Secret Service making the story a web of intrigue and deceit.


Douglas Rain as David Henderson

Tony Van Bridge as Ford

Angela Leigh as Billie Reynolds

Ivor Barry as James Cooper

Victoria Mitchell as Rocello’s sister

William Osler as the doctor

Robin Gammell as Billie’s brother

John Hardinge as Sergeant Broderick

Christopher Newton as the reporter

John Kastner as Timothy Ford

Director: Frank Phillips

Writer: Francis Durbridge

Producer: Eric Till

Executive Producer: Edward Weyman

Written by John Corcelli – May, 2005