CBC Television Network

On Camera

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1954 to 1958

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Saturday nights for two seasons, 1954/55 and 1955/56, then on Monday nights from October 1956 to September 1958.

This 30 minute program succeeded CBC Playbill as the principal series for half-hour drama and comedy  designed to encourage Canadian writers to provide content.
Some of the notable plays in the series: Blind Date, written by Jacqueline Rosenfeld; Waltz, by Stanley Mann; Who Destroyed The Earth, by Len Peterson; Gold Mine In The House, adapted by Sidney Furie from a story by J.N. Harris; The Last Long Crusade, by Doris French; The President’s Ghost, by Michael Sheldon; The Guests, by Jack Benthover; Mr. Gidding Attacks, by Henry Feisen, Two From King Street, by Jack Kuper; Thank You, Edmondo, by Mac Shoub; Stagecoach Bride, written by Elsie Park Gowan and Absentee Murder by Charles Templeton. Other writers for the series included Hugh Garner, Joseph Schull, and Leslie Macfarlane.
Production Supervisor: Sydney Newman.
Segment producers: Paul Almond, Melwyn Breen, Arthur Hiller, Ted Kotcheff, Charles Jarrott and Ronald Weyman.

Written by John Corcelli – February, 2005