CBC Television Network

Oldtimers, The

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1974 to 1975

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Monday nights November 11 to December 30, 1974. Repeated Sunday afternoons from April 13 to June 29, 1975.

This series of 8 programs could also be subtitled Eyewitness, because it featured interviews with men and women who were considered Canadian pioneers with stories to tell. Most of the people interviewed were well over 70 years of age and still had lucid memories of their early years in Canada. One program included the story of a woman who travelled to the west in 1899, in a covered wagon. Another two native women recounted their lives in the 1870s, one of whose names was registered in an 1877 treaty.

Some of the other shows were more focused on a particular subject, rather than individual. These programs included the Northwest Mounted Police, now known as the RCMP; Christmas memories, and women in the North.

The executive producer was Donnalu Wigmore. Regional producers included Mike Poole of Vancouver, Jack Emack of Edmonton, Bill Ryan of Saskatoon, Norm Botnick of Winnipeg, Barbara Emo of Montreal, and Jack Kellum, Hal Andrews, and Dave Quinton of St. John’s.

The Oldtimers was inspired by a CBC special called The Time of My Life, which aired in September of 1973.

Written by John Corcelli – September, 2005