Global Television Network


Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1997 to 2000

Broadcast Medium: Television

This one-hour series had its origins in the French film La Femme Nikita, and was known under that title on the USA Network. Variously described as escapist, campy and quixotic, the series developed a major cult following with scores of websites offering insights into the characters and the actors who portrayed them.

Peta Wilson starred in the title role as a woman wrongly charged with murder, who was abducted by a shady government espionage program and trained as a sharpshooting agent doing anti-terrorist work. Her love interest was played by Roy Dupuis, and others in the cast included Don Francks, Eugene Robert Glazer, Matthew Ferguson, Alberta Watson and Anais Granofsky.

The one-hour drama series premiered on CTV in February 1997, having launched on the USA Network a month earlier, and in Canada was scheduled variously on Saturdays at 10:00pm and Mondays at 10:00:pm until its cancellation in 2000. Episodes subsequently played on CHCH-TV, Hamilton, then part of the CanWest Global Television System.

Nikita was produced for CTV and USA by Fireworks Entertainment in association with Warner Brothers.

Written by Pip Wedge – November, 2002