CBC Radio

Music For a While

Network: CBC Radio

Broadcast Run: 1998 to 2007

Broadcast Medium: Radio

Aired weeknights at 6:30PM on Radio Two from September 7, 1998 to March 16, 2007. Produced in Montreal, this 90-minute program of music featured Danielle Charbonneau as host and producer.  It offered a complete contrast to As It Happens, which aired in the same time slot on Radio One. But from the moment the theme called “Pied Piper” was heard, the listener was automatically drawn to the calming sounds of contemporary chamber music for the duration. The title came from a song written by Henry Purcell. On March 16th 2007, the CBC announced the cancellation of Music For a While, but at the same time Charbonneau was named host of a new overnight show,  Nightstream, an eclectic mix of all forms of music from classics to jazz, scheduled to run 1:00am – 6:00am on Radio Two. 

Written by John Corcelli – April, 2007