CBC Television Network

Montreal Pops Concerts

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1969

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Saturday afternoons during the summer of 1969.

During the year of Woodstock, the CBC committed to an 8-week series of concerts featuring the Montreal Symphony Orchestra from Place des Arts in Montreal. They were produced by Radio Canada for the French network, but later aired on English television.

Program 1: Guest conductor Alexander Brott with vocalists Clarice Carson, Richard Varreau and Rober Savoie performing operatic songs.

Program 2: Guest conductors Brian Priestman and Neil Chotem for a mix of classical music and jazz.

Program 3: Conductor Jean Deslauriers with singers Claire Gagnier and Yoland Gerard.

Program 4: Boris Brott and Leon Bernier shared conducting duties,  with guest vocalist Ginette Reno.

Program 5 and 6: Resident conductor Franz-Paul Decker with guests the Yvan Landry Jazz Group and vocalists Colette Boky, Perry Price and Claude Corbeil.

Program 7: Conductor Pierre Hetu with vocalists Louise Lebrun, Huguette Tourangeau, Andre Turp and Claude Corbeil

Program 8: Quebec singer Gilles Vigneault with guest conductors Alexander Brott and Neil Chotem.

Written by John Corcelli – May, 2005