CBC Television Network


Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1985 to 2000

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired weekdays at noon from January 7, 1985 to June 30, 2000

This hour-long public affairs program was essentially the daytime version of The Journal, which debuted in 1982. The format was slightly different: a 10-minute newscast followed by interviews and features on the headlines of the day, with a few Arts-related items thrown into the mix. What made this program special was its time-slot ,and the program’s greatest test came just a year after its debut when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded over Cape Canaveral in February of 1986, and Midday became the framework for CBC’s coverage of this momentous event.. The newscast at Noon, which was often read by Sheldon Turcott, offered homemakers their first look at the events of the day. After 15 years and over 4,000 broadcasts, the show was cancelled due to budget cutbacks. The debuts of CNN and Newsworld may well have been factors that influenced the decision.

Original hosts: Valerie Pringle and Bill Cameron. Later hosted by Peter Downie, Ralph Benmergui, Tina Srebotnjak and Brent Bambury.

Written by John Corcelli – May, 2006