CBC Television Network

Max Glick

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1990 to 1991

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired weekly, in primetime, from November 5, 1990 to December 27, 1991

This half-hour drama was a co-production of CBC Television, Fosterfilm Productions of Vancouver, and Sunrise Films of Toronto. It was the story of Max Glick, a teenage boy from a Jewish family, who  came of age in a small Western Canadian town in the 1960’s. The series was based on the success of The Outside Chance of Maxmilian Glick, a feature film that was based on the novel by Morley Torgov, and was a story about a sensitive Jewish boy growing up in Beausejour, Manitoba in 1964.

Max Glick – Josh Garbe
Augustus Glick – Jan Rubes
Celia Brjynski – Melyssa Ade
Sarah Glick – Linda Kash
Bobby – Jeremy Radick
Bryna Glick – Susan Douglas Rubes
Henry Glick – Alec Willows

Directors: Rex Bromfield, Patrick Corbett
Writers: David Barlow, Leila Basen