Société Radio-Canada (SRC) TV Network

Le parc des Braves

Network: Société Radio-Canada (SRC) TV Network

Broadcast Run: 1984 to 1988

Broadcast Medium: Television

Le Parc des Braves, a TV soap opera written by Fernand Dansereau, and broadcast from 1984 (first program on September 16) to 1988, starred Marie Tifo and Gérard Poirier. From 1984 to 1988, Radio-Canada  aired 136 episodes of Le Parc des Braves. It was directed by Rolland Guay, Hélène Roberge, André Tousignant and René Verne.

The action took place in Quebec City during World War II. Life wasn’t easy for Marie Rousseau, a 39-year-old widow whose husband had left her deeply in debt when he died and she tried her best to hide what was really going on and to educate her three children. Tancrède (Gérard Poirier), her brother-in-law, secretly in love with Marie (Marie Tifo) tried to provide her with some financial assistance. An ex-soldier in World War I, where he injured his leg, he was always at loggerheads with her brother-in-law Pierre-Paul (Ghyslain Tremblay).

Written by Yvon Chouinard – February, 2006