CBC Television Network


Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2006 to 2007

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Tuesday nights at 9PM; Friday nights at 11PM.

This hour-long drama was created by Chris Haddock who was also responsible for Da Vinci’s Inquest, one of the most successful and critically acclaimed dramas on CBC Television. When Da Vinci’s City Hall, the sequel to Inquest, was cancelled, Haddock already had Intelligence on the draft board. It was a gritty and mysterious drama aimed to challenge audiences while entertaining them.

The program was described as follows: “Jimmy Reardon, third generation crime boss, and Mary Spalding, Director of Vancouver’s Organized Crime Unit (OCU), made deals with the devil – that is, with each other. Jimmy agreed to work with Mary as a star informant, and Mary made a deal to protect Reardon from prosecution. Each will attempt to use the other without getting caught in the act.”

In March 2008, the CBC announced that Intelligence would not be renewed for the 2008-09 season. copy of Intelligence website on CBC

Principal Cast:

Ian Tracey as Jimmy Reardon
Klea Scott as Mary Spalding
Matt Frewer as Ted Altman
John Cassini as Ronnie Delmonico
Camille Sullivan as Francine Reardon
Bernie Coulson as Michael Reardon

Executive Producer, Creator, and Writer: Chris Haddock
Executive Producer: Laura Lightbown
Director of Photography: David Frazee
Episode Directors: Stuart Margolin. Nicholas Campbell, Charles Martin Smith, John Fawcett, Sturla Gunnarsson and Stefan Pleszczynski

Written by John Corcelli – November, 2006