CBC Television Network

In The Present Tense

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1974

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Sunday nights from January 13 to May 17, 1974, alternating with Ombudsman.
This 30 minute magazine/public affairs program was hosted by Paul Rush and Jennifer Davis. It focused on one news-related story each week offering in-depth analysis on a wide variety of subjects.
The subjects included a look at the US involvement in the Middle East, the energy crisis and petroleum industry, the British coal mining industry, inflation, the economics of food production and much more. It was one of the first CBC shows to make substantial use of videotape, which offered the producers more flexibility regarding the timeliness of the subjects they discussed. The show was recorded the same day.
Executive Producer: Ralph Thomas
Producers: Martyn Burke, Michael Callaghan, Peter Kappel and Ken Johnson
Researchers: Angela Fritz, Valerie Ross, and David Reisman
Director: Jan Cuchman

Written by John Corcelli – August, 2005