CBC Television Network

High Hopes

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1978

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired daily from April to October, 1978.
On paper this daytime drama had everything going for it: Canadian and American talent, experienced television producers and directors and a hefty budget. The CBC had always tried to launch a daytime or prime time soap opera during its history; High Hopes was one of many such productions.
It was the continuing story of Dr. Neal Chapman, a family counselor in the town of Port Hamilton. Most of the action took place around his large house, where the good doctor’s ex-wife, Meg, came to visit and check up on their 18-year-old daughter, Jessica. Neal was involved with two women in the town, Louise, the real estate agent and Trudy, host of a local TV talk show. The trouble started when young Jessica discovered that she might not be the product of her parents’ relationship. This fact opened the door to a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. The show was not renewed after one season, due to poor ratings and bad reviews. In spite of this, High Hopes was broadcast in 20 US markets.
The show was written by Marian Waldman, Mort Forer, Patricia Watson, and Bryan Barney. The head writer was Winnifred Wolfe. It was directed by Bruce Minnix and produced by Robert Driscoll, all with soap opera experience from  New York.
Principal Cast:
Bruce Gray as Neal Chapman
Marian McIsaac as Jessica
Doris Petrie as Meg Chapman
Barbara Kyle as Trudy Bowen
Jayne Eastwood as Louise Bates

Written by John Corcelli – August, 2005