CBC Television Network

Haunted Studio

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1954

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Thursday nights in the summer of 1954

Originally shot as a pilot for a future program, the CBC went ahead and produced this variety show as summer series. The show took place in the studio used for the The Big Revue, but the production values were minimal: a simple set without the extravagant staging. Musicians, singers and dancers simply used the bare studio stage to perform. 
The show featured choreography by Don Gillies, music by Jack Kane, a vocal group that consisted of the Esquires augmented by two female singers, vocals by Esther Ghan, and Jerry Hicks on the Theremin. Other singers who appeared on the show were Margaret Stilwell, Don Parrish, Jean Cavall, Dia Carrol, Joanne Bernardi, and Doug McLean. 

Written by John Corcelli – February, 2005