CBC Television Network

Harmony House

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1955 to 1956

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Thursday evenings from October 8, 1955 to April 12, 1956

This half hour music program, produced in Vancouver, was a successful radio show for 13 years on the network. Like many of the early variety shows on CBC, it was perfectly suited to the new medium of television. Alan Miller was the host, with regular performers Pat Morgan, Fran Gregory, Terry Dal e-Vocalists. Diane McLellan, Pat Trudell, Art Lintott, Bobbie Reid, The Nabob Quartette, [named after the show’s sponsor, Nabob Foods] Ricky Hyslop-Conductor-Arranger, Lance Harrison-Sax-Clarinet, Fraser MacPherson-Sax-Clarinet, Cliff Binyon-Clarinet, Art Lintott-Sax, Stu Barnett-Trumpet, Carse Sneddon-Trumpet, Bobbie Reid-Trumpet, Dave Pepper-Trombone, Pat Trudell-Accordion, Stan Johnson-Bass, Bud Henderson-Piano, Jim Whiteman-Drums

Producer: Frank Goodship

Written by John Corcelli – July, 2006