CBC Television Network

Friday Island

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1962 to 1963

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Friday evenings at 5:30 PM from October 19, 1962 to April 12, 1963.

This half hour dramedy [a drama with comic overtones] was produced in Vancouver and featured British Columbia as the backdrop for the story of The Granger Family.

As the series opened, the Grangers, tired of  big-city life, left Ottawa and paid a visit to this fictional idyllic setting; they decided to stay and opened their own travel lodge. The rest of the series featured some peculiar characters on the island, including two eccentric business partners who literally split their store down the middle, with a white picket fence.

Principal Cast:

Lillian Carlson as Mum Granger

Walter Marsh as Dad Granger

Mark de Courcey as Stephen Granger

Kevin Burchett as Tadpole Granger

James Onley as Grandpa Granger

Rae Brown as Aunt Sophie

Mildred Franklin as Aunt Vi

Barbara Tremain as Annabelle

Robert Clothier as Archie

Niki Lipman as Barbara

Writers: Peter Statner, Christine Best and Peter Power

Producer: John Thorn

(Note: Rae Brown and Robert Clothier later starred in The Beachcombers).

Written by John Corcelli – May, 2005